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Arguing without knowing the field – in Racaniello’s “Virology Lectures 2021 #15 – Mechanisms of Pathogenesis”

While going through “Virology Lectures 2021 #15 – Mechanisms of Pathogenesis” earlier this month, Prof. Racaniello briefly exclaimed that people feel (but normally the issue is really insisting, or arguing) that their understanding of a field of study in which they are clearly not trained is correct when there is no such evidence.

Going from slide “Tissue tropism” to slide “Glycoprotein cleavage as tropism determinant,” around 9:50 (into 11:00) minutes, Racaniello comments:

Im very frustrated in this outbreak that so many people feel that ACE2 is the whole story; whether ACE2 is present will tell you whether the tissue will be infected—that’s absolutely not true. But that’s the problem when new people jump in a field and think they can make a contribution without even taking a course in virology or reading a textbook, and they think ACE2 is all you need…