Inerrancy debate review (Prof. Richard Howe vs Dr. Mike Licona)

Before I move into further reviewing Inspiration and Inerrancy and distilling my own viewpoint about it, I would like to review a debate on Inerrancy that took place on Friday, October 11, 2019 (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM). It was presented by the Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) through the National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA),

Dr. Mal Couch on Inspiration and Inerrancy

In my previous post, I said I was going to overview some arguments put forth by Dr. Couch in his book God Has Spoken:  Inerrancy and Inspiration (Scofield Ministries, 2003). I will also be overviewing Inerrancy: All Scripture is God-breathed (Scofield Ministries, 2012). However, I just realized two things. For one, I learned that his

Introducing Inspiration and Inerrancy

In traditional Christian Protestantism, Inspiration and Inerrancy are commonly paired together to claim and emphasize that the Bible—traditionally viewed as the Word of God—does not have any kind of errors (i.e., inerrant) precisely because it is believed to be inspired by God. In Christianity, however, this does not normally refer to the extremist point of

Condescension, rudeness and anger

There is a female freelance writer and blogger by the name of Kat Boogaard. 5 Ways You’re Being Condescending at Work (Without Realizing It) She divided her article with the following headings: You Aren’t Choosing Your Words Carefully You’re Always Putting Yourself First You’re the Master of Backhanded Compliments You’re Always Equating Your Experiences

Evidence and the Bible

From time-to-time, some Christians lightly argue that we should not spend so much energy trying to “prove” God, the Bible or other related elements within Christianity. They say that the Bible is sufficient by itself and that it’s a matter of faith overall. I only partially agree. I do agree that evidence (or “proof”, which

Bad and good scholars and conferences

I would like to clarify how to detect bad or good scholars (or scientists) if you ever get into academic research over many months and years. My arguments also assume that this would apply to the sciences since I have experienced similar observations for the past 10 years. I have been discussing with some people

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