After almost one year of no-blogging at all…I am finally back to blogging!

After April 2019, I had become too busy with other areas of my personal life and work. I wanted to blog, but I could not. It has been difficult even in January to really decide if I would continue or not; but I still had the ardent desire to come back to blogging. I have some unfinished business. I want to address (1) biblical Inspiration and Inerrancy, and (2) creation vs evolution as well as the cosmology of the Bible. These are hot topics in Protestant communities and debates.

To begin 2020, I just created a new Facebook account and group that will go with this blog:

Mct Xegesis

Facebook account:

Academic Biblical Studies – Montreal Christian Thinkers (MCT) by Xegesis

Facebook Group:

Here is what I have put in the account and the group above:

I have done 4 years of online academic Biblical Studies with Dr. Michael S. Heiser from 2008-2012 (unaccredited). During this time period, I completed one year of biblical Hebrew and Greek, and three years of theological studies and scholarly Biblical Studies. In 2012, I also completed two courses of Religious Studies during one semester at Concordia University (“History of Satan” as well as “Mystics, Heretics, and Reformers: History of Christianity II”), and I obtained two A- grades. I had planned to attend McGill University in 2013 with these credits, but I cancelled my approved admission in summer 2013 due to financial and personal reasons. From 2012-2016, I also completed about 4 additional years of independent scholarly research while contacting and interacting with about 15-20 scholars and some scientists via email, blogs, and forums. The years 2017-2018 were quiet. In 2019, I initiated the MTL-CT.CA blog, and my pseudo name is Xegesis. I had published on my blog solidly from January until April 2019, and I then became preoccupied with other areas of my life, and so I abandoned blogging until recently. This year, in 2020, I want to start blogging again and I want to initiate a group in Montreal to gather and share academic, scholarly Biblical Studies.


In all, I have about 15 years of experience researching: (1) Metaphysical Phenomena, (2) Diet and Nutrition Science, and (3) Biblical Studies.


This group will be to invite individuals who are interested in academic Biblical Studies around Montreal to meet in some undetermined places on the Montreal Island (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) in order for me to:


(1) Teach and introduce research skills in general

(2) Teach and share Biblical Studies

(3) Discuss modern controversial topics surrounding Theology and Biblical Studies

(4) Watch debates or videos about Biblical Studies in order to comment on them and for all of us to learn from each other and, thus, become better interpreters.

Hopefully, this will come to some fruitition later this year. I will be adapting and adjusting as the year passes. I think that my group would gather in some places around Ahuntsic that I would rent. I am unsure, I will see.

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