Back to blogging: new Facebook account and group

After almost one year of no-blogging at all…I am finally back to blogging! After April 2019, I had become too busy with other areas of my personal life and work. I wanted to blog, but I could not. It has been difficult even in January to really decide if I would continue or not; but

Evidence and the Bible

From time-to-time, some Christians lightly argue that we should not spend so much energy trying to “prove” God, the Bible or other related elements within Christianity. They say that the Bible is sufficient by itself and that it’s a matter of faith overall. I only partially agree. I do agree that evidence (or “proof”, which

Bad and good scholars and conferences

I would like to clarify how to detect bad or good scholars (or scientists) if you ever get into academic research over many months and years. My arguments also assume that this would apply to the sciences since I have experienced similar observations for the past 10 years. I have been discussing with some people

Future posts in 2019

I will not be posting much in the coming weeks. I have other things to take care of and I have to organize my thinking about future blog posts. As I have already stated on this blog, my goal is to contribute to the knowledge of the Church in general (around the world) and of

Even the Apostle Paul went through peer review!

Well…sort of. Paul defends his divine calling and recounts that the Jerusalem Apostles agreed with his exposition of the Gospel, and they recognized and entrusted him as it can be read in Galatians 1.11 – 2.10. I normally use the Lexham English Bible (LEB) or the New English Translation (NET) for study, and the English

Short reiteration on peer review, Internet research, and resources

I think that it’s necessary to reiterate the major points that I have made in my past three blog posts after a few interactions I have had over the past week. Therefore, I summarize briefly and more pointedly the most important arguments that I have made in those three blog posts yet with different explanations.

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