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Dr. Joshua Swamidass’ Interview with Dr. John H. Walton (Feb. 2021)

On February 24, 2021, Dr. Joshua Swamidass interviewed Dr. John H. Walton, which was live-streamed on his Peaceful Science YouTube Channel:

John Walton: Creation in Six Ordinary Days?

I agree, overall, with Walton and he was extremely cautious with his answers. However, Swamidass really seems to have misunderstood Dr. Kenneth R. Miller. What Miller said, in light of what he had said in full (which can be reviewed here and here), is that if one is going to “rescue Adam and Eve” by referring to natural science (here in particular, evolutionary science), then why not also rescue other parts of Genesis (e.g., Genesis 1) that do not harmonize with natural science. This is what I referred to in my book review. Therefore, Miller indirectly aligns with Walton and what I pointed to in my book review.