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Faithlife’s Biblia ( besides Bible Gateway (

It has been a few years that I noticed many Christians using popular online Bible websites such as:;;;; My preferred one is due to the sheer amount of Bible versions available and its presentation of the text. It also has a presentable comparison tool. However, I wanted to share Biblia by Faithlife ( (

Without an account, It automatically brings you to the default English translation, which is the English Standard Version. By default, it shows the Home menu. However, clicking on “Library,” allows one to choose from a plethora of English and other language Bibles. It also includes the SBL Edition of the Apparatus for the Greek New Testament, the Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the New Testament, and the Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the Old Testament.

The three-dots settings menu also allows to adjust the font size and arrange the viewing options:

If one has a Logos/Faithlife account, then one can login to view one’s entire Logos library. Here is an example of mine:

Lastly, one’s Logos library can also be accessed online via any computer with the following web application, which emulates the full experience of Logos online as opposed to being in one’s own local Logos program locally on one’s own computer:

Logos Web App (

Here is how it looks in my account after login in:

Here is how it looks if I setup some columns: