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Free Virology lectures by Prof. Vincent Racaniello (2021)

This year, I decided to start publishing blog posts on Virology, and other fields in the sciences, due to the current situation with COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2. And because it is continuing to greatly affect the entire world, I decided to start taking the free YouTube Virology lectures by Prof. Vincent Racaniello. It has been about a decade that Dr. Racaniello teaches Virology online this way and this is my first time taking such lectures. I’ve read about Virology from time-to-time from 2009-2010, but I never learned the basics. This is a great opportunity especially because there are great controversies, some from lay-people and amateurs who misunderstand and misrepresent, and some from real scientists, all about the circulating virus (SARS-CoV-2) and its Variants of Concern (VOCs), the respiratory disease it causes (COVID-19), PCR or rt-PCR tests that give positive or negative results for SARS-CoV-2 RNA traces collected from nasopharyngeal swabs—and other kinds of swabs—masks, and vaccines. I will be sharing more using this MISC. blog.

I also already added a section on this Montreal Critical Thinkers ( WordPress site under “Resources,” named “Virology & Epidemiology,” where I documented some resources that I followed since April 2020. However, I already knew Dr. Racaniello’s and Dr. Mackay’s blogs since December 2018 when I had caught a major common cold infection at that time. I had become curious to learn more about coronaviruses and rhinoviruses and their pathologies and prevention strategies. I did not know about Dr. Michael T. Osterholm from CIDRAP until April 2020, which is another great, reliable resource.

Coming back to Dr. Racaniello’s 2021 lectures, here are the relevant links if you ever become interested to learn about Virology. However, note that for the 2021 lectures, Vincent is adding the PowerPoint slides in PDF format on his site from week-to-week. For now, February 17, 2021, he has already gone through Lectures 1-10. In total, there will be 25 lectures, and each lecture is about one hour, for a total of about 25 hours of lectures:

Virology Lectures 2021 (YouTube)

Virology Course 2021 (Virology blog)

Dr. Racaniello’s Multi-Volume, Multi-Author, Principles of Virology (ASM Press, 5th ed., 2020)