Biblical Studies

Old Testament Scholars


Dr. Michael S. Heiser | Ph.D., Hebrew Bible & Semitic Languages (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004)

Main official website

Curriculum vitae

PhD dissertation

The Naked Bible Podcast | All Episodes

FringePop321 (YouTube Channel)

The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible (2015) | Academic book based on the Ph.D. dissertation and 15 years of research

Other books | Various other self-published books and articles

Professor John H. Walton | Ph.D. (Hebrew Union College)

Wheaton College Faculty Profile

 Zondervan Academic Posts

Academic books

Dr. Deane Galbraith | Ph.D. (University of Otago, New Zealand)

Staff Profile

Remnant of Giants blog

Biblical Studies Online

Dr. Paul Copan | Ph.D. (Marquette University, 2000)

Main official website

Curriculum Vitae

Academic books

Professor Richard S. Hess | Ph.D. (Hebrew Union College)

Denver Seminary Faculty Profile

Academic books


New Testament Scholars


Professor Larry W. Hurtado | Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University, 1973)

University of Edinburgh

Larry Hurtado’s Blog | Including published scholarly articles [PDF]

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace | Ph.D. (Dallas Seminary, 1995)

Main official website

Biography (CV)

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts | Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, founder of CSNTM

Professor Craig S. Keener | Ph.D. (Duke University, 1991)

Main official website

Asbury Theological Seminary | F. M. and Ada Thompson Chair of Biblical Studies

Professor Mark Goodacre | Ph.D. (University of Oxford, 1994)

Main official website

Curriculum Vitae

NT Blog

NT Pod

Professor Tommy Wasserman | Ph.D. (Lund University, 2007)

Evangelical Textual Criticism blog | Contributors: Peter M. Head, Dr. Tommy Wasserman, Dr. Peter Williams, et al.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Michael J. Kruger | Ph.D., (University of Edinburgh, 2004)

Main official website/blog

The Gospel Coalition




Biblical Resources


Logos Bible Software (Paid)

Biblia (Free Logo Bible Software Online Bible and Library)

Accordance Bible Software (Paid)

BiblicalTraining (Free Biblical Courses)

Cyber-Center for Biblical Studies (Interviews with biblical scholars)

BibleGateway (Free Bible Translations | All Translations)

Galaxie (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles | $5/Month or $50/Year)

Seedbed Seven Minute Seminary (YouTube Biblical Studies clips by scholars)

The Bible Project (YouTube Biblical Studies animated overviews)

Read Scripture – Old Testament

Read Scripture – New Testament

Word Study

The Torah Series




Dr. Stuart J. Robbins | Ph.D., Geophysics in Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences Dept. (University of Colorado, 2011)

Main official website

Curriculum Vitae



Neil deGrasse Tyson | Ph.D., Astrophysics (Columbia University, 1991)

Main official website

Curriculum Vitae

MasterClass, Scientific Thinking and Communication

Col. Chris Austin Hadfield | M.A., UT Space Institute graduate (University of Tennessee Space Institute, 1992)

Main official website-First Canadian Astronaut

UTSI Grad Aboard Atlantis Space Shuttle

Chris Hadfield, Wikipedia

MasterClass, Space Exploration




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