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My name is Brian (XegesIs). I initiated this Christian blog in January 2019 for Biblical Studies. Anyone is welcome to ask questions and comment.

There are some guidelines to follow.

First, you must abstain from foul language and behavior. Remain as respectful as it is humanly possible. I will not tolerate foul language and misconduct on these blogs. Second, if you decide to comment, please remain truthful to the subject at hand. Do not start deviating into other subject matters that do not pertain to the main subject of a post. If you wish to discuss another matter altogether, then you may simply contact me at

I hope that it benefits your knowledge, understanding, and behavior either as a believer or a non-believer. The goal of these blogs is to primarily share what I consider important information in relation to Biblical Studies, or the sciences, and for all to become better persons through the spread of knowledge and understanding as well as good practice and rightful behavior.


Blog Descriptions

Primary blog (MCT): main blog about academic research and Biblical Studies;

Secondary blog (TAKEALOOK): additional blog on other material that deviate from the writing flow of the primary blog;

Third blog (SUNDRY): another blog that shares a mix of subjects and content that may not relate to Biblical Studies, i.e., the sciences. These posts will not have accompanying PDF documents under “Blogs Archive.” These may also be at times in English or French, or a mix thereof.

Blogs Archive

In the main menu, at the top-right corner of this Welcome page, there is a Blogs Archive that I will continue to manually update as I publish. I hope that you find this archive of all my posts useful if ever one wishes to review all published posts in chronological order and if a PDF format version of a post is desired. Not all posts, however, have an accompanying PDF document.

Citations: References, Notes, and Bibliography

As I review my published posts and as I write more content, I will be incorporating the latest guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., whenever it might be applicable. I was not aware of the 17th edition, but now that I became self-aware in January 2021, I will be following CMOS17.